Cary - VA7MXY - Benson

Adventures in Amateur (HAM) Radio

About Me

Getting licensed in Amateur Radio was something that was on my bucket list for a while. Life and other distractions kept happening it continually got put off. The fall of 2022 saw me finally register for the Basic course and obtain my call sign.

I was really only after creating another layer of safety in the back country when I'm out and about in my Jeep. However, taking the course and chatting with the instructors mixed with google searches of the things mentioned both in the class and outside of it opened a Pandora's Box I was unaware I was in possession of.

I was quickly taken with things like APRS. I have a background in electronics and wireless communications and the interests that drove me to work in those industries were quickly reignited exploring APRS, iGates, and Digipeaters.

Look forward to getting an HF rig and seeing where that takes me.



Address : B.C., Canada

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